but I still worked it and was fierce

Apr 19

#20. Grave Encounters - The Vicious Brothers

#20. Grave Encounters - The Vicious Brothers


#19. Barry Lyndon - Stanley Kubrick

#19. Barry Lyndon - Stanley Kubrick


Apr 18

I just realized I’m gonna be in Paris the first weekend of Cannes

Apr 17

weerasethakul replied to your post: but where is Miss Julie???

19th entry or? I’m assuming it isn’t ready if it didn’t make it, seems ridic not to want Ullmann and Chastain there

I mean let’s hope but at least they still have Chastain in UCR for Eleanor Rigby in whatever form it’s in now

but where is Miss Julie???


Cannes announces the competition lineup in a week so I guess that’s when we’ll find out if Xavier Dolan’s check cleared this time



gf: babe come over

me (a lawnmower) : no i cant im cutting the grass and you live in the sky

gf: my parents are out

me: image

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Apr 15



you know that thing lana del rey sometimes does with her voice and she sounds like adam sandler in billy madison

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