but I still worked it and was fierce

Sep 29

Inherent Vice looks like the hot mess disasterpiece that I wanted American Hustle to be 



when someone being rude AF but you can’t think of anything to shade them about at the moment…


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Sep 28


so I actually saw Spain’s Oscar submission for this year back in like February and let me tell you it is mediocre as heck and also not happening

I’m still very emotional over The Skeleton Twins rn I don’t think a movie has hit me this hard in a long time


im playing gta & a dude asked for a lift but he sounded like billy crystal so i killed him

why is it that whenever I follow a men’s fashion blog I inevitably have to see pictures of shirtless/mostly naked men???? like hello I followed this blog so I can become more stylish not because I need to think more about how I need to jump off a cliff because my face and body are disgusting thanks

spending my Saturday night sedated and wondering where the lyrics to Britney Spears’ Oops I Did it Again fit into the discourse surrounding sexual debt and the friendzone hbu

Sep 27